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Wines of Kings, Kings of Wines and Other Wonders

It is somewhat easy and very difficult at the same time to write an introduction to Tokaj. It is easy, because what wine connoisseur haven't heard of one of Tokaji Aszú, one of the world's oldest Botrytised dessert wines; or the UNESCO-protected region itself, with wine production dating back to over a thousand years ago? And it is also difficult because Tokaj is so much more than that. Tradition and timeless Hungarian culture seep from every rock and tree, and everything in this landscape serves the production of one of the world's most recognizable wines. We start our tour at Holdvölgy Cellars — this tunnel system is the longest in all of Mád: close to 2 kilometers, the oldest of these tunnels were hewn over 500 years ago. Ancient and modern meet here at the junctions of the brand new winery building and the old cellars, so aficionados of architecture and design will also find things to muse at. The programme here is nothing less than an actual treasure hunt, officially acclaimed as the best cellar visit by Vince Awards to years in a row. The guests have to track down each bottle of wine in the cellars with the map provided, while the host tells them about the history and geology of the cellars and the winemaking of the region.

Our wine tasting is concluded at Tokaj Classic Winery. Owned and managed by classical musician Andras Bruhacs, at this winery, wine seems to transmutate and take on qualities not unlike classical music: it becomes refined, elegant, timeless. With a venerable selection and multiple international award-winning vintages, Tokaj Classic is also an active member of the Mád Circle, a group of local winemakers working to preserve the traditions and production values of the region. Here you will have the chance to taste Tokaji Aszu Essencias, naturally concentrated nectars of botrytised grapes, one of the most special wine types in the world.  

Quality accommodation options for the night and further additions to the tour are available in both Upgrades sections.

The package contains: 

  • A visit of 2 wineries
  • Tasting of 11 wines
  • A cellar experience
  • A treasure hunting
  • A Tasting box from Tokaj Classic Winery (2 bottles of wine and a box of fois gras) Four Seasons special
  • Local guide


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