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Bull’s Blood and History

Rolling hills, green oak vales, hidden villages, and a magical town seeped in history – this is Eger, one of the most famous wine regions of Hungary. Situated on the slopes of the Bükk Mountains in the North-Eastern part of Hungary, this county-seat town and its outlying territories have been known for producing wine specialities since the medieval times. In fact, the wines of its master winemaker families are on lists of highest acclaim worldwide even today.

Take a stroll on the narrow, cobblestoned streets of the baroque county seat, look out over the town from the walls of the castle that stopped the invading Turkish armies in 1552 from conquering Europe, breathe in the warm air fragrant with spices while having a picnic on a hillside meadow, or taste the bone-dry fire of the area’s signature Bull’s Blood wine in a traditional cellar at the Valley Of Beautiful Women, listening to authentic, live gypsy music – let us show you the magic of Eger!

This package includes a guided tour to two world-famous cellars, tasting of a great selection of wines and food to match, plus a little cultural extra thrown in to spice things up, like the interactive Bull's Blood Museum and a tour of a vineyard.

The package contains: 

- 200 kms drive from and back to Budapest in a comfortable car

- Wine tasting at the following high-profile vineyrads: 

  • Gál Tibor (5 wines, including Egri Csillag, Egri Bikavér, Síkhegyi Pinot Noir, plus baguette and olive oil, 60 minutes long.)
  • Bolyki Pincészet (6 wines and a guided tour of the vineyards, 2,5 hours long.)




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