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The viticulture of Hungary dates back to the Roman times, and it is highly regarded today as well — an art and a craft deeply entwined with history, tradition, culture and the essence of us, Hungarians. 

The tour packages below have been lovingly and carefully assembled to mirror this, and to show you what we think is the essence of each distinct Hungarian wine region. However, as 2Hungary is all about a bespoke experience, we give you ample opportunity to customize your trip and explore further by adding extras from our Upgrade menus — or requesting a completely unique experience by contacting us. 

Now pick your wine tour, and let us show you the magic of Hungarian wines! 



Eger Wine Tour

Rolling hills, green oak vales, hidden villages, and a magical town seeped in history – this is Eger, one of the most famous wine regions of Hungary. Situated on the slopes of the Bükk Mountains in the North-Eastern part of Hungary, this county-seat town and its outlying territories have been known for producing wine specialities since the medieval times. In fact, the wines of its master winemaker families are on lists of highest acclaim worldwide even today.

from 175 €

Mátra Wine Tour

This old, inactive volcano and its sister mountains form the second largest wine region of Hungary, and the largest of our mountain wine regions. From its peak (the highest point of the country), it is quite a sight to see „the Sun and the hills kiss“, as the locals say. This kiss has been giving the area its magnificent wines for hundreds of years, coming from the south-facing slopes of the mountains, and also its lush oak and pine forests, unique fauna, breathtaking vistas and old vineyards.

from 125 €

Etyek Wine Tour

With its green pastures, blue lakes and rolling hills, this region has historically been called "the wine-garden of Budapest", and with good reason: although it has only received the official wine region title in 1990, grapes have been cultivated here for hundreds of years. This area is slightly cooler and breezier than other Hungarian regions, with lots of sunshine, and the grapes traditionally cultivated here — such as the chardonnay, the sauvignon blanc or the pinot noir — take good advantage of these conditions. No wonder that from the XIX Century on, famous champagne manufacturer Törley bought their champagne wines from this region. Come with us on this trip, only an hour from the capital, and see what the "wine-gardens of Budapest" have to offer!

from 149 €

Tokaj Wine Tour

It is somewhat easy and very difficult at the same time to write an introduction to Tokaj. It is easy, because what wine connoisseur haven't heard of one of Tokaji Aszú, one of the world's oldest Botrytised dessert wines; or the UNESCO-protected region itself, with wine production dating back to over a thousand years ago? And it is also difficult because Tokaj is so much more than that. Tradition and timeless Hungarian culture seep from every rock and tree, and everything in this landscape serves the production of one of the world's most recognizable wines. Seeing and tasting Tokaj is a heavyweight wine experience, not to be missed by any enthusiast!

from 180 €

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