Herend Porcelain Manufactory

Those who are on their way to Herend can catch sight of the special, stately building complex – accommodating the Porcelanium Visitor Centre – right from a distance. It goes without saying that the mission of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory is also evident from here: to provide, apart from producing fine porcelain, ideal conditions for popularising this special profession and technology as well as to pass on the tradition of applied arts.

The Victoria Brand Shop is located in the side-wing opposite the Minimanufactory. The Porcelain Museum offers a permanent exhibition and temporary shows, renewed in every season, to highlight the history of the Manufactory. Coming back from the trip to porcelain world, visitors can take pleasure in the catering facilities offered by the Apicius Restaurant and Café.


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Since the year 1999 this has been the home of the Minimanufactory, where the visitors can get an insight into the secrets of porcelain-making. If you would like to become a porcelain maker, even if just for a little time, take the raw porcelain paste or the painting brush into your hands, and the workshops will give your imagination free flight. 



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