Wine region #1 Somló


Hi everyone, I am back with a lot of new plans regarding my blog. I wouldn’t like to share all the details right now with you but the first main topic what is going to dominate the next few articles is here: I decided to introduce to you every wine region of Hungary in my blog. That is 22 wine regions altogether and I show you one or two wineries as well where I tasted some excellent wines. So you can easily decide to which wine region you would like to travel.

Let me start with Somló. I chose this wine region first, as in my opinion, Somló has the most amazing soil and weather conditions and this wine region can give us super fiery and smoky white wines like nowhere in the world. Also, its wine making history is quite interesting as it has traces back to the Roman times and Somló has the first regularization from the 14th century.

The soil`s high minerality comes from the volcanic rocks of the land. The bedrock is black basalt, the remnant of ancient lava flows, the topsoil is loess, clay and sand. The micro-climate is different: on the north side of the hill that is moderate and never too stormy to ruin the grapes, on the south part of the hill that is hot, so you can taste the well ripened grape in the wine.

Tornai Winery
Top Selection with my favorite Hárslevelű and the mentioned black basalt during the Buda Castle Wine Festival

I chose from this wine region the Tornai winery as I just tasted their wines during the Buda Castle Wine Festival and I am still stunned by them.

The winery has its three ranges of wine: Friss, Premium and Top Selection.

In the Friss series, wines are made by cold fermentation with a tiny amount of residual sugar. I tasted the Pink Pinot Gris 2018 which was an excellent example of this reductive type wine. On the nose there is not too pronounced strawberry, some rather sour than sweet taste. On the palate, there are the super minerals and salty tastes with low alc. and medium acids, in full balance. This is a super elegant rose.

I also tasted the Premium wines, these are the nicest representatives of this wine region, could be excellent pairing for food as well. I would emphasize Hárslevelű. It has deep gold colour and clear appearance. A hint of honey and flowers in the nose, medium plus body, medium acids. Super smooth honey and pear with some dried apricot and sour almond at the end. Just perfect, etalon!

One very important remark for these wines. In case you would like to enjoy them fully not to forget to pair these wines – basically all the Somló wines except the reductive ones – with food. They go well with medium aged cheese. There are some cheesemakers around Somló who produce their cheese just for the Somló wines. You can try it during a wine tasting almost any winery in Somló. Also, these full bodied whites are perfect pairings with seafood, most exactly these are the best wines for oysters.

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