Package for you – Summer's favourite


Strangers at Lake Balaton – our favourites in Badacsony, next to the beautiful Lake Balaton and why they chose to have a winery here. We just finished our 8 days long wine tour with family and friends next to Lake Balaton and basically we concentrated right now just for one region called Badacsony. This wine region is so wealthy in natural resources and in my opinion has the most beautiful view around the lake that we just couldn't leave it. Besides, we could visit too many fantastic wineries so we decided to stay and rather go for example Domain Edegger 5 times (!) during our stay…I know right now by heart the full winelist – so just ask...

Not so far from each other there are two special wineries in Badacsony. One of them is coming from Sweden and the other one is from Austria. Both of them just caught the feeling of Lake Balaton, altough from the other side of the mountain.They are making crystal clear wines with their own technology, they are nice and they have one of the best hospitality service in that area. Check out our offers and be their guests for a glass of wine! Cheers!