Hello to Everyone!


I am more than happy to launch my blog within our page the 2Hungary.com so you can follow us on our wine journey. Please join to me and discover with us Hungarian wines and wineries, people and food and all the the adventures we are going through.

I was thinking of what should be my first topic as I have a bunch of stories, experiences and memories about the last years' winetastings and winery visits. I know that I wouldn't like to go into deep and strict rules of winetasting or sophisticated thoughts, rather I would like to share feelings and moments I feel during I taste wines, visit a winery or talk with a winemaker. So I decided to start with a basic story about why it is worth to coming to Hungary for a wine tour, of course in my point of view.

Tasting wine is a pleasure for me as if I am well-informed in relation between soil, weather conditions, professionalism and the grape type's specialities I can easily detect the type and the quality of the wine. Hungary has a kind of special place on the so called wine map of the World. Almost all of the world's wine region's characteristics can be found here: we have chalk soil, sandy soil and clay pairing with almost any kind of minerals pairing with hot, moderate and cool climate. So if you could find a good guide grab its hand and go to discover those wineries which are the Alpha and Omega of the Hungarian wine producing. However, here is the point, you have to find a smart guide. Hungary has a fantastic long tradition in winemaking traced back to Roman times, but we also have a half century under the Russian oppression when the whole winemaking industry was deteriorated. It shows now a mixed picture of well developed, fancy and modern wineries in contrast with low quality and 'let it go' types cellars.

So please be a picky traveller and search for a pro guide to have a real and imcomparable Hungarian winetasting.

Of course you can check my offers on 2Hungary.com buti, if you are not in the mood to choose from offers plese feel free to call or write directly to me on my contacts and let's find together the most suitable wine tour in Hungary tailord to you. Till then cheers and drink good wine!