Accomodation upgrades

Trust us when we say: when you visit the places we take you to, you will want to stay the night, or even a few more days. We have picked the best hotels and guesthouses for you to choose from in each region, so do not hesitate to browse and add a room to your trip from these options below! 



Accomodation upgrades

EGER - Imola Udvarház

Located directly under the Castle of Eger in the historical town centre, Imola Udvarház offers air-conditioned accommodation and a bistro-type restaurant with Hungarian cuisine.

from 36 €

EGER - Imola Hotel Platán ****

Imola Platán is a unique and quiet hotel, a spa, and a modern health center all in one, where elegance meets recreation and relaxation.

from 52 €

ETYEK - Rókusfalvy Inn

A countryside gourmet restaurant and a modern and comfortable guest house — this is Rókusfalvy Inn. We have not only chosen this establishment for its uncompromising quality and location, but also because it is one of the offerings of Rókusfalvy Estate, one of the top wineries of the region. Make it your home base while you discover Etyek and its wines, you will not be disappointed!

from 63 €

MÁTRA - Sziluett Borhotel

What better place to stay during a wine tour than a hotel that has been designed and built with the love of wine in mind? Wine Hotel Sziluett is just that - a comfortable and accommodating three-star situated on the cellar row of Farkasmály, the biggest system of hand-hewn wine cellars in Eastern Europe dating back to the 1700s. From the surroundings to the gastronomy and programme it offers, everything about this hotel ties in with viticulture.

from 43 €

TOKAJ - R40 Guest House

The r40 guest house is located in the city centre of Mád, which is continuously developing and is one of the most historic settlements of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region and World Heritage Site. A total renovation of the more than 200 year old building was completed in 2016 to create a friendly guest house with a traditional ambience and modern comforts and to make it ideal for families, couples, friends and small business gatherings alike. The guest house consists of a manor house and an annex building, which they have converted and now can accommodate up to 14 guests. They offer their guests wishing to relax a choice between their double guest room or one of their three apartments.

from 65 €

TOKAJ - Zsirai Guesthouse

A warm welcome to you at our new guesthouse in Mád, in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja. The guesthouse has three separate rooms with bathrooms and individual access, a separate kitchen and dining area as well as a spacious, shared wine terrace. The rooms are for double, triple or four people occupancy, thus the guesthouse is suitable to accommodate a total of nine people.

from 19 €

TOKAJ - Hotel Botrytis

Hotel Botrytis is the latest jewel of Mád, located in the Tokaj wineyards and surrounded by nature. While it fits the town’s traditional values, with its fresh and unique profile also broadens the landscape of Mád as a boutique hotel providing premium services. Hotel Botrytis is waiting for the visitors of wine lovers travelling to the World Heritage area, those who woud like to see the beloved tourist destinations of the Tokaj wine region, to taste the wines of the historical wineyards and their fitting word-class menus and local craft products. Hotel Botrytis became part of the history of Mád known for its tourism and gastronomic specialties. For those who would like to get to know this „unique story” personally, this hotel offers high-quality leisure and recreational opportunities.

from 65 €

TOKAJ - Mádi Kúria Hotel ***

A converted mansion with 22 rooms and a suite, Mádi Kúria is one of the long-time staples of Tokaj hospitality. This hotel is also a bang for your buck: the rates are more than affordable, even if you are on a budget - especially if you are considering extras such as the pool, the sauna, or the great restaurant with its wine-inspired dishes!

from 34 €

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